Coventry City Q&A: We answer the big questions as EFL release new statement #SouthamptonFC

Coventry City Q&A: We answer the big questions as EFL release new statement

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Yes, you’re right but let me explain.

I had a long chat with the EFL yesterday about this to make sure I was picking up exactly what they were putting down.

Here is how it will go over the next few days/weeks.

The EFL yesterday put forward their plan for how any season, unable to be finished, will be completed in the future (including this year if needs be). That framework, as they call it, includes unweighted PPG to decide the table, a FOUR-TEAM play-off (no more) and relegation and automatic promotion standing.

Approval of that plan will see it written into the EFL’s regulation for good, preventing any clubs from complaining or launching legal action in the future as by entering the EFL you sign up to these rules.

That plan will be voted on by all 71 EFL clubs with a majority of 51% needed (36 teams).

HOWEVER, it will also need the approval of 51% of Championship teams (13 teams) to be approved. The Championship carries more weight here than any other division, say the EFL.

Coventry City manager Mark Robins (left) and chief executive Dave Boddy

If they vote NO, talks go on and on. If they vote YES, individual leagues will then be able to call a vote on whether to end their own division in the event such as the current pandemic. That vote will also need a 51% majority to pass.

So Coventry City now face two votes to decide if they will play the remaining games, both to be carried out next week the club will hope.

They need a 51% majority in both along with a Championship majority in the first to see them promoted.

I really, really hope that makes sense.

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