Shearer again revisits choosing Newcastle over Fergie’s Man Utd #Toon

Shearer again revisits choosing Newcastle over Fergie’s Man Utd

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Alan Shearer has again spoken of choosing Newcastle United over Manchester United.

Shearer made the decision when leaving Blackburn Rovers in 1996.

He told The Sun: “I was determined that nothing was getting in the way of EURO 96 because it was that important.

“Once we got knocked out of EURO 96, I had phone calls left, right and centre.

“Man United want you, Newcastle want you and I spoke to both of them the same day – Kevin Keegan in the morning and Sir Alex Ferguson in the afternoon.

“After a couple of days Kevin Keegan had said he was en route to the Far East where Newcastle were on pre-season.

“He was at Manchester Airport and he said he could come and meet me again for half an hour, which he did and that was it, I had made my mind up then that I was going home.

“I am going back to my football club that I left as a 15-year-old and I am going to be the world’s most expensive player.

“I never even went back home to my house. I got a bag packed from my house sent in a taxi to the airport and jumped on a flight to meet up with Newcastle in the Far East.

“I had to ring Alex Ferguson up to tell him that I had made my decision. I did that in the car on the way to the airport.

“I rang his number and there was no answer. I rang him again and there was no answer. I rang it for a third time and I had to leave a message that my decision was made and I was going back to Newcastle and thanked him for his interest.

“I never got a call back surprisingly!

“I always remember coming back home from that trip and there was the unveiling at St James’ Park.

“The weather was horrific, it was pouring of rain and it was a weekday. I remember when I looked out on to the stand at St James’ Park and there must have been 15,000 people there.

“I was thinking why aren’t they at work? Why aren’t they at school? I was thinking this is just bonkers, this is ridiculous.

“For me, as a player from the area, it was always my dream. I used to go and stand on the terraces as a 12-year-old to watch my hero Kevin Keegan. Now he was my manager.

“He introduced me to the crowd and to eventually put that number nine shirt on was an incredible feeling.”

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