The Reds identify the perfect Sadio Mane back-up

The Reds identify the perfect Sadio Mane back-up

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Liverpool have long sought to identify an ideal back-up for their Senegalese winger and it seems they have found the perfect man at last.

At Anfield on the historic Liverpool turf there plays one of the best players in world football right now – Sadio Mane.

His form this season eclipses the biggest legends of the game such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi who have both failed to hit the back of the net as many times as the Senegalese international.

Mane is Liverpool’s brightest jewel at the moment and his place in the team seems indispensable. Yet the Reds have to prepare for the dreaded prospect of Mane picking up an unfortunate injury or suspension which would see him miss a considerable amount of game time.

Jurgen Klopp has been looking around the top leagues in Europe to see if he can find someone in the same ilk as Mane in order to ensure he has an adequate replacement on the wings and it seems the German has found the perfect candidate at last.

That candidate play in the steaming and arid province of Castellon in Spain, more specifically Villareal. The candidate just like Mane hails from Africa, but further towards East in the centrally situated Nigeria.

The man is the promising Samuel Chukwueze who has been lightning up the LA Liga since his breakthrough season in 2018. According to reports by the Metro Liverpool have scouted Chukwueze and are interested in bringing the Nigerian winger to Anfield.

The Nigerian would provide the perfect back-up for Mane. The pair have almost identical playing styles with both capable of showing rapid speed and great energy to bomb down the wing.

At just 20 years of age and with Mane in his prime at 27, Chukwueze would have lots of time to hone his skills and learn from his fellow professional at Anfield in order to eventually become the Senegalese’s outright replacement. In the mean time, he could be Mane’s ideal deputy and someone who suits Jurgen Klopp’s style of play impeccably.

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What do you think could Chukwueze be the perfect back-up for Mane?