Why Chelsea beating Arsenal in FA Cup final would give Leicester City a financial boost #LeicesterCityFC

Why Chelsea beating Arsenal in FA Cup final would give Leicester City a financial boost

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Victory for Chelsea in Saturday’s FA Cup final would provide Leicester City with a financial boost next season.

City will be watching from home as Frank Lampard’s side, who knocked them out of the competition in the quarter-finals, take on Arsenal at Wembley.

But while City are not involved, they do have a vested interest in proceedings at the national stadium, and it relates to how Europa League prize money is split.

City have qualified for Uefa’s second competition and for taking part, they will receive a cut of the TV money the tournament generates.

However, the money is not split equally. The bigger the TV market, the bigger the cut the clubs from those countries receive.

But even then, it’s not divided evenly, with cup winners receiving a greater share. So if Arsenal were to win the FA Cup and qualify for the Europa League, they would get 40 per cent of the TV market money, while City and fellow qualifiers Spurs would get 30 per cent each.

With Chelsea booking a place in the Champions League, an FA Cup triumph would mean Wolves qualify for the Europa League, and it would mean the cup winners were not in the competition. In this scenario, the TV market pool would be split equally, and City would therefore receive a third.

It would also be beneficial for City if the English side, whether it be Spurs or Wolves, failed to make it through the qualifying rounds and into the group stages. Then, City would receive 40 per cent if Arsenal win the FA Cup, or 50 per cent if Chelsea do.

This would also be the case if Chelsea win the FA Cup and then Wolves win the Europa League, as the West Midlands club would then be competing in the Champions League, leaving just City and Spurs in the sister competition.

There are lots of other factors that influence the revenue City would receive. A full rundown can be seen here, on Uefa’s website.

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